December 1, 2022

According to news reports, Miami-Dade police recently arrested a used car dealer and charged him with rolling the odometer on a used 2101 Mazda CX9, wiping out more than 81,000 miles.

Electronic odometers were supposed to make it difficult for car dealers to deceive used-car buyers by going miles away from the odometers. But the switch to electronic odometers has just created a black market for odometer rigs that are cheap and easy to buy online.

The multi-billion dollar scam continues to hurt used car buyers. In fact, it is very easy for devious car dealers to engage in odometer fraud, with little fear of getting caught.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is tasked with monitoring odometer fraud, but the agency is chronically understaffed and underfunded, and rarely acts unless it finds a widespread pattern of illegal backtracking.

One of the worst effects of odometer fraud: Victims of this illegal practice often end up paying out of their pocket for expensive and unexpected repairs that can leave them in debt or without a car.

Double whammy – Even if you buy an extended service contract, they usually exclude coverage for vehicles with variable meters.

How can you avoid falling prey to crooked car dealers who change odometers? paying off car tips To learn how to get a good deal on a safe and reliable used car, without having to set foot on a car dealer’s plot of land.

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