December 1, 2022

Since 2015, auto manufacturers have recalled more than 26.5 million Vehicles due to defects that can lead to catching fire. Some manufacturers recommend that owners park cars outside, as they are less likely to burn homes. newly, GM warns owners of 2017-2019 Chevy Bolts With faulty batteries, they must be stopped outside, after the batteries caught fires in the bolts.

But beware: if you buy an unrepaired grenade car from a car dealer like CarMax, and it catches fire and burns your house down, or destroys an entire city, they will try to blame you.

That’s a lesson California’s Anthony Santos discovered the hard way, after a Ford F-150 pickup he bought from CarMax caught fire and caused more than $200,000 in damage to his pickup truck, garage and home. Fortunately, he and his children managed to escape the flames.

Before he purchased the pickup from CarMax, Ford issued a safety recall because the truck had a serious defect that made it prone to ignite without any warning.

CarMax failed to obtain a free safety recall repair made prior to selling the truck to Mr. Santos. Despite neglecting to make repairs, CarMax announced that the truck had passed a “125 point check” from CarMax. This of course would lead car buyers to believe that they should at least be safe and free from known hazardous safety recall defects.

After the truck caught fire, CarMax tried to blame Mr. Santos for not discovering the summons, took his truck to a Ford dealer, and fixed the safety recall himself. Mr. Santos resisted and sued CarMax, but in the end the huge publicly traded car dealership chain won, on technical grounds.

Bottom line: Buying cars from CarMax is risky, especially if you live where there is a serious bushfire threat.

Note: Another risk: car buyers have sometimes experienced long delays in repairing safety recalls, due to the severe shortage of spare parts. CARS heard from unfortunate car buyers who ended up waiting over a year to get it fixed. In the meantime, they were afraid to drive their cars themselves. In some states, lawmakers have introduced bills to make driving your own car illegal, if safety recall repairs are not made.

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